Construction estimating software is a type of computer software made up of programs, processes and information that is developed to evaluate the cost of construction for contractors that are handling a particular construction project. An estimating software is used by a contractor or estimators to evaluate the biding price for a particular work. Architects, engineers, construction managers, and many others also use estimating software to prepare cost estimates for other purposes other than bidding. Calculators and spreadsheets where manually used to generate construction estimate. With an estimating software contractor are able to carry out construction estimation within a short period of time, minimize risks and increase profits. During the biding process for a contract award, different sectors of the construction industry use estimating software to compete for contract. Construction estimating software significantly increase the accuracy and speed of estimating process for construction companies. Because of the increased number of calculations that this software does, there is a need for a fast CPU and RAM for its proper functionality. There several features of construction estimation software. These feature include: Bid Management, Billing & Invoicing, Calculators, Price Data and Contract Management.

Construction estimating software are used by different companies and industries for construction estimation. Studies today has shown that most construction companies and contactors are using this software in contract estimation and bidding instead of the manual way because of its unlimited advantages. The software is easy to use, consistent, accurate and very fast. It is more of software that helps contractor and estimator make wise decision when it comes to project evaluation. It automatically change the effort units and by calculating the installation difficulty factor for every item based on the task rather than using one factor straight across the board.

Construction estimation software play a big role in the success of most construction companies, contractor and estimators. Companies and contractors that use construction estimating software enjoy the following advantages. These include:

  1. Speed: It is very fast in generating result. Because of its speed a lot of time and money can be saved during construction estimation. Speed is the biggest advantage of using construction estimation software.
  2. Accuracy: unlike the manual way of construction estimation, estimation software helps builders and contractors to determine actual cost, equipment cost and material cost from the onset with great accuracy.
  3. Consistency: one the interesting and wonderful advantage of using estimating software is that it enables you to look back at the historical data, modify labor units and cost codes anytime you use need it.
  4. Project management: it simplify project management and makes it more efficient and easy to handle.
  5. Professionalism: among the advantages of construction estimation software is professionalism. It enables contactors to optimize and organize their business.

With construction estimation software you go beyond spreadsheet. Unlike the manual way of construction estimation that involves complex process, this software.